Our Project Areas

Each of our projects touches a vital resource that all of us need to live productive, fulfilling lives: an education, a safe and healthy neighborhood, healthcare, a home, a job, and the right to vote.

In each project area, we use high-impact legal strategies to eliminate the barriers that prevent the Philadelphia region’s most vulnerable populations from accessing these essential resources. Each need is a necessary condition of equality, but none exists in isolation, instead building on one another to touch many aspects of a person’s life.

There is no single solution to poverty or discrimination, but by driving comprehensive and systemic change, the Law Center’s efforts continue to improve the lives of Philadelphia’s most disadvantaged citizens.



Securing prompt access to effective medical care


Equal education for all, regardless of race, poverty or disability

Public Health & Environmental Justice

Helping build healthy communities & promoting urban agriculture

Housing & Community Services

Eliminating discrimination and segregation in housing


Challenging barriers to employment


Ensuring a meaningful vote for every citizen