Current Cases & Projects: Housing

Legal Right to Safe and Healthy Housing – Vazquez v. Gilbert

A low-income Philadelphia renter is standing up for her legal right to live in safe and healthy housing, alleging that her landlord and property manager rented her a property that did not have heat, was infested with rodents, and had raw sewage leaking in the basement. The lawsuit alleges violations of state and local laws which are not used enough because they are not well known and there are too few lawyers for poor tenants to enforce those laws.

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Sharswood Eminent Domain Proceedings

The Philadelphia Housing Authority and its agent, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, have identified over 1000 properties in the Sharswood/Blumberg neighborhood that it seeks to take through eminent domain proceedings.  Read more

Fraud Against Person With Disabilities

The Law Center is representing MW, a Philadelphia man with intellectual disabilities who was deceived into selling his home for .05% of its market value – a grand total of $25. Read more

Online Mortgage Registry System

The Law Center is representing and advising legal services and affordable housing services in a class action lawsuit brought by the Montgomery County recorder of deeds against Mortgage Electronic Recording Systems, Inc.

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